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At Portfields Primary School, we believe that all children should have the opportunity to develop a love for languages and an appreciation for different cultures. Our French curriculum, based on the Rising Stars scheme and aligned with the 2014 National Curriculum, aims to ignite a passion for language learning, foster cultural awareness, and lay the foundation for future language acquisition. We strive to develop confident and enthusiastic learners who can understand basic French, communicate at a simple level, and appreciate the richness and diversity of the French language and culture.


Core Principles:

  • Language Engagement: Lessons prioritize engaging activities that encourage active participation and foster a positive attitude towards language learning.
  • Cultural Awareness: We integrate cultural elements into lessons, fostering an understanding of French traditions, customs, and daily life.
  • Sequential Learning: Building upon prior knowledge, each lesson incorporates "flashbacks" to revisit past learning from previous lessons, units, and years, ensuring consolidation and progression.
  • Four Strands: The curriculum focuses on four key language skills:
    • Listening and Responding: Children develop receptive skills through listening activities, songs, and dialogues.
    • Exploring Patterns and Sounds: They learn to recognize and manipulate basic sounds and patterns in the French language.
    • Describing and Reading: They develop basic vocabulary and sentence structures to describe themselves, their surroundings, and familiar objects.
    • Understanding Basic Grammar: Children gain a basic understanding of simple grammatical structures used in everyday French.
  • Language of the Term: Although French is not formally taught in Key Stage 1, the "language of the term" initiative exposes children to different languages and cultures from a young age, building confidence and fostering a positive learning environment.

Curriculum Framework:

  • Rising Stars Foundation: We utilize the Rising Stars resources as a solid foundation, adapting and extending them to meet the specific needs and interests of our pupils.
  • Cross-Curricular Links: We create connections with other subjects like Music, Art, and Geography, enriching the learning experience and making language learning more meaningful.

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Formative Assessment: Regular observations, discussions, and informal assessments are used to monitor progress, identify strengths and areas for development, and inform future teaching strategies.
  • Summative Assessment: Periodic assessments, such as presentations and projects, provide an indication of overall learning and achievement.
  • Pupil Voice: We actively seek feedback from pupils through surveys and discussions to improve the curriculum and cater to their needs and interests.


Through our engaging and interactive French curriculum, we strive to equip our pupils with:

  • Basic French language skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • A foundational understanding of French culture and traditions.
  • Confidence and motivation to continue learning languages in the future.
  • The ability to communicate and connect with people from different cultures.
  • An appreciation for the diversity and richness of language and communication.

This intent and implementation statement outlines the core principles and practices that guide our French curriculum at Portfields Primary School. We are committed to fostering a love for language learning and cultural awareness, empowering our pupils to become confident and responsible citizens in an increasingly interconnected world.