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At Portfields Primary School, we cultivate curious and confident young minds with a passion for understanding and interacting with the world around them. Our computing curriculum, aligned with the 2014 National Curriculum and utilising the Teach Computing framework as its foundation, goes beyond basic technological literacy. We empower pupils to become responsible and innovative digital citizens, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills that will equip them for the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Core Principles:

  • Mastery-Based Learning: We utilise a mastery approach, ensuring all pupils grasp fundamental concepts before progressing to more complex ideas, fostering a strong foundation for future learning.
  • Computational Thinking: We actively develop critical thinking skills through creative problem-solving and algorithmic thinking, allowing pupils to approach challenges with logic and efficiency.
  • Safe and Responsible Technology Use: We prioritise online safety throughout the curriculum, imparting vital skills in digital citizenship, data privacy, and responsible online behaviour.
  • Integration and Collaboration: We strategically integrate technology across various subjects, demonstrating its power as a tool for learning and fostering collaborative learning opportunities.

Curriculum Framework:

  • Teach Computing Curriculum: We utilise Teach Computing as the core framework, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the National Curriculum objectives and fostering a structured learning environment.
  • Differentiation and Adaptation: We tailor our instruction to meet the diverse needs and learning styles of our pupils, providing differentiated activities and support to ensure all pupils can flourish.
  • Engaging Activities and Resources: We employ a variety of engaging activities, interactive resources, and coding platforms to keep pupils motivated and enthusiastic about learning.
  • Real-World Applications: We connect computing concepts to real-world scenarios, demonstrating the practical applications of technology in various aspects of life and career paths.

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Formative and Summative Assessments: We utilize a diverse range of assessments, including observations, projects, coding challenges, and quizzes, to monitor progress, identify individual strengths and weaknesses, and inform future learning opportunities.
  • Pupil Voice and Collaboration: We actively involve pupils in the learning process, encouraging them to reflect on their progress, self-assess their work, and collaborate on projects to enhance their learning experience.
  • Continuous Improvement: We continuously review outcomes, seek feedback from pupils and teachers, and utilise professional learning opportunities to refine and improve our curriculum, ensuring it remains relevant and effective.


By cultivating a comprehensive and engaging computing curriculum, we strive to empower our pupils to:

  • Become confident and critical users of technology.
  • Develop a secure and responsible digital presence.
  • Contribute meaningfully to the ever-evolving digital landscape.
  • Apply computational thinking across diverse fields.
  • Thrive in a world shaped by technology.

This intent and implementation statement outlines the key principles and practices that guide our computing curriculum at Portfields Primary School. We are committed to providing every pupil with the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to become responsible and innovative digital citizens in our increasingly technology-driven world.