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At Portfields Primary School, we believe that music is a fundamental aspect of a well-rounded education. Our curriculum, based on the KAPOWs scheme and aligned with the 2014 National Curriculum, aims to nurture a lifelong love of music in all children. We strive to foster musical development, creativity, and confidence, equipping pupils with the skills and knowledge to participate in, appreciate, and create music throughout their lives.


Core Principles:

  • Engaging & Inclusive Learning: We ensure lessons are enjoyable and accessible to all, fostering enthusiasm and engagement in music regardless of prior experience or ability.
  • Exploring and Experiencing Music: Pupils actively explore and experience music through singing, playing instruments, listening, composing, and movement activities.
  • Variety & Progression: We introduce a diverse range of musical styles, composers, and genres, building upon prior knowledge and skills in a structured and progressive manner.
  • Dedicated Learning Environment: Our dedicated music room provides a vibrant and well-equipped space for musical exploration and learning.
  • Spiral Learning: Each lesson incorporates "flashbacks" to revisit past learning from previous lessons, units, years, and year groups, solidifying knowledge and building connections over time.

Curriculum Framework:

  • KAPOWs Foundation: We utilise the KAPOWs scheme as a comprehensive foundation, adapting and extending it to incorporate local musicians, performances, and cultural contexts.
  • Performance Opportunities: Weekly singing assemblies using the Spark Yard music program provide regular opportunities for singing in a large group, developing confidence and performance skills.
  • Instrumental Learning: Children are exposed to a variety of instruments, fostering an understanding of different timbres and encouraging exploration.
  • Enrichment Activities: Our choir enriches the learning experience for dedicated members, providing opportunities to perform for the local community, at school events, and through participation in the Young Voices concert at the O2.

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Formative Assessment: Observations, discussions, and performance tasks are used to monitor progress, identify areas for development, and personalize learning experiences.
  • Self-Reflection: We encourage pupils to reflect on their learning and progress, fostering ownership and confidence in their musical development.
  • Pupil Voice: We actively seek feedback from pupils through surveys and discussions to improve the curriculum and cater to their interests.


Through our engaging and enriching music curriculum, we strive to equip our pupils with:

  • The ability to sing confidently and expressively.
  • A basic understanding of musical notation and terminology.
  • The ability to play a selection of musical instruments.
  • An appreciation for diverse musical styles and cultures.
  • The confidence to perform and share their musical skills with others.
  • A lifelong love of music and the creative opportunities it offers.

This intent and implementation statement outlines the core principles and practices that guide our music curriculum at Portfields Primary School. We are committed to fostering a joyful and inclusive learning environment where all children can discover the joy and power of music.