Welcome to our school website! We hope that you enjoy browsing through the amazing opportunities and achievements at Portfields Primary School. If you can not find what you are looking for, please contact the school where we will be able to help.

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Who's Who

Leadership Team

Headteacher - Sarah Folkard
Deputy Headteacher - Jack Dixon

Assistant Headteacher & Inclusion Lead (SENCo) - Kelly Rae

Assistant Headteacher - Laura Dolan

School Business Manager - Mandy Britnell



Sophie Brittin


English Lead:

Karen Hovey


Maths Lead:

Mary Olufiade


Science Leads:

Jethro Cotton

Angela Ewing-Brock


Teaching Staff

Head of Year 6 - Chloe Leung
Mary Olufiade - Jaguar
Karen Hovey - Meerkat
Chloe Leung - Dolphin
Jethro Cotton - Rhino

Head of Year 5 - Rebecca Godden
Rebecca Godden - Owl
Jemma Jones - Heron              
Arthe Sivakumar - Swift
Tanya Pawsey (Tuesday-Friday), Sharon Tsang (Monday) - Kingfisher

Head of Year 4 - Kate Doyle

Sagarika Charavarti- Velociraptor 
Tracy Barter - Triceratops
Kate Doyle - Stegosaurus

Head of Year 3 - Harrison White
Laura Ward - Chameleon             
Grace Connolly - Gecko
Harrison White - Iguana

Yvonne Pearce - Crocodile

Head of Year 2 - Nikki Raine 
Lauren Barker (Mon-Weds), Angela Ewing-Brock (Weds-Fri) - Toad
Victoria Heath - Salamander
Charlotte Brazier - Newt

Nikki Raine - Frog


Head of Year 1 - Kate Henderson
Tariro Chineka (Mon-Thurs) - Starfish 
Kate Henderson - Shark

Charlotte Hughes - Seahorse


Head of EYFS - Louise Townend
Louise Townend - Oak
Claire Bourne - Chestnut 

Darryl Lucas - Elm


Maternity leave - Sairah Zahid


Support Staff

Year 6 - Sharon Jackson, Emma Thomas

Year 5 - Gina Noons, Linda Stewart

Year 4 - Claire Clayton, Hannah Ellis, Linda Reid (Tues-Fri)

Year 3 - Jakki Head, Eve Child, Keri Hawes, Siobhan Chennells, Nic Stratton, Fee Christison

Year 2 - Emma Taylor, Anita Robinson, Jenna Mauger, Tessa Ash


Year 1 - Clare Montgomery, Morgan Page, Tasha Brannen

EYFS - Roxanne Smith, Lisa Revitt, Nikki Goodman


Acorn - Gayna Deacon, Rhian Canham, Nicola Drummond, Abi Day

Higher Level Teaching Assistants:

Joy Rose-Stanley

Julie Nunn

Sharon Tsang


Sports Coaches - Gavin Clark, Luke Pilley, Lauryn Worrell

IT Support 5th Utility - Kevin Core, Mike Toon


SENCo - Sophie Britton (Mon-Thurs)


Speech and Language TA - Clare Dalton

Bursar - Louise Bradbury

Business support/Pupils - Nikki Marshall

Business Support Administrators - Laura Dillon, Danielle Soper 

Site Supervisor - Dan Welford


Caretaker - Den Reid
Midday Assistants - Laura Britton, Janie Jones, Selina Myhill, Leah Tomlinson, Catarina Vaz, Debbie Ellison, Amy-Eloise Clare, Kelly Mason, Lisa Jones.