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Modern Foreign Languages

To start their language learning journey, children in year 3 are taught French, Spanish and German for a term each. As they progress up the school and in readiness for Secondary school they then focus on French. Children will learn to listen and respond, explore patterns and sounds, describe and read, and understand basic grammar. They will start off introducing and describing themselves; and move on to describing objects, talking about the weather, school life, sports and food. Where possible this will tie in with whatever else is happening in the world around them such as the seasons, Christmas or what’s in the news. Much of this will be through games, songs and rhymes particularly at the start of their learning, moving to more formal recording in year 6. As well as giving children a good basic knowledge of French, the aim is for them to become aware of and comfortable with other languages and cultures around the world.

Although Modern Foreign Languages are not formally taught in Key Stage 1, the “language of the term” initiative ensures that children are immersed in language learning from EYFS to year 6. Over the course of the year all children will be taught some Spanish in Autumn 1, Polish in Autumn 2, Cantonese in Spring 1, Tamil in Spring 2, Urdu in Summer 1 and Portuguese in Summer 2. Children will listen to native speakers, learn key vocabulary and use it in everyday situations such as saying good morning or answering the register.