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Our Philosophy…

At Portfields Primary School, we prioritise the ‘mastery approach.’ We are determined that every child will be mathematically fluent with a love of problem solving and reasoning. We believe that the ability to calculate number, work logically and systematically to solve problems and apply their skills and knowledge to a variety of mathematical contexts is a key life skill.


We believe that all pupils at Portfields will:


  • Be empowered Mathematicians with enquiring minds and are always eager for a challenge.


  • Be proficient in the 4 operations and achieve fluency of key facts.


  • Develop a conceptual understanding of mathematics and be able to reason and problem solve in different mathematical contexts.

Portfields Primary School empowers learners through each classroom being resourced with materials to support the delivery of Maths; such items might include number lines, numicon, counters, multiplication tables, 100 squares, 2D and 3D shapes, multilink cubes, dice and other smaller items. Children are encouraged to independently use resources available to them in the classroom and which they feel would be beneficial to help them when completing Maths work. In the classroom, children have access to a resource area and a Maths Working Wall showing; key vocabulary, 100 square, number line, what is currently being taught, examples of learning, reasoning question bubbles.

At Portfields Primary School, we teach Maths using the CPA approach: concrete, pictorial, abstract. This will allow the children to experience the physical aspects of Maths, using resources, before finding a way to present their findings and understandings in a visual form and then moving onto a more formal written calculation. To ensure children are fluent in their mental maths strategies and recall of key facts, each lesson begins with a mental starter, such as ‘Fluent in Five’, or a reasoning challenge where the focus is on verbally explaining their subject knowledge and understanding. This is consolidated at home through the use of the Numbots for our EYFS and Key Stage 1 pupils and SumDog for our Key Stage 2 pupils as well as written Maths homework to consolidate bi-weekly learning.

Maths Intent and Implementation

Mathematics Calculation Policy