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Geography is an essential part of our curriculum which allows all children to achieve highly through an engaging experience. As a school we look at approaches that will benefit our children in understanding their direct environment and the world around them.


Our focus of Geography is about considering real people and places in and around our school.  We explore the similarities and differences between our local community and the impact we have in wider world. Geography helps our children to appreciate the significance of people’s beliefs, attitudes and values within the world, promoting tolerance and understanding.


We start in EYFS with children looking at their surroundings in the classroom and then expanding to talking local walks to explore locational knowledge within the community. In. Year One, children begin to explore bigger parts of the world by looking at the United Kingdom and the 7 continents and 5 oceans This ties is superbly as children are able to use their map skills to identify animals from different continents on our trip to the zoo! In Year Two children look at contrasting places, exploring small areas of the United Kingdom in comparison to a non-European island. As part of this learning, children get to experience a trip to the sea side which is thoroughly exciting!


In Year Three children study the water cycle where they learn about rivers all across the world. Children also learn about natural disasters such as volcanos and earthquakes. In Year Four children develop the skill to enquire through a range of fieldwork. Children are given the opportunity to measure and record the human and physical features of geography in the local area using a range of methods, including sketch maps, plans and graphs, and digital technologies. In Year Five geography is linked to history, children look at different types of settlements and compare the uses of land in the UK from the past with the present. In Year Six children build on prior knowledge of human and physical geography by understanding how and why land has changed over time.

Geography Intent and Implementation