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Computing prepares children for a rapidly developing world in which their ability to work and socialise are dependent on their ability to access technology. ICT allows children to develop various skills such as analytical reasoning, problem solving and creative thinking which provides a solid foundation for their future education. ICT encourages children to become independent learners, to use their initiative and to learn how to make informed judgements.


At Portfields Primary School, children in EYFS are taught how to operate simple equipment such as CD players, Beebots, cameras and remotes. In addition, children in EYFS explore how to retrieve information and begin to learn about being safe in the online world.


As the children progress into KS1 they are taught to recognise parts of a computer and how to operate one. Moreover, KS1 introduces children to utilise their logical thinking through implementing coding, debugging and algorithms. The children explore the purposes of different programmes, such as Word, and when to use them in their learning.

Transitioning into KS2, children start to explore how to create, develop and understand a database. Furthermore, KS2 investigates how a programme is written, being able to identify problems that may occur in programmes and providing a solution. The children also explore the accuracy of algorithms and how to control an algorithms so that it can function efficiently.

Each year, every child is taught about online-safety to ensure that the children at Portfields have an understanding of their online presence and how to keep themselves safe. This encompasses subjects such as keeping personal information private, what is cyber bullying and how to address it, and being able to identify suitable websites.


Throughout Portfields Primary School, all children are provided the opportunity to use Ipads to conduct research in various lessons such as English, science and maths. The children of Portfields Primary School also have access to after school clubs which focus on ICT and STEM education which is delivered by the Tech Club.


Quality-first computing education supports children to utilise their analytical reasoning and creative thinking to develop an informed understanding of the changing world around them. ICT is a key subject and has many cross-curricular links ranging from mathematics, science, design and technology and English. As the children progress in their computing education they will begin to develop programmes, systems and create a range of content. Computing is an essential building block for children to build a secure understanding of the world which will help them become effective participants in the digital world.



The arrival of the new National Curriculum in 2014 saw the introduction of the new subject of Computing, which replaces ICT. The new subject looks in greater detail at how computers and computer systems work. Rising Stars’ Switched on Computing is a programme of study written for this new curriculum subject. It addresses the core strands of; Programming, Computational thinking, Creativity, Computer networks, Communication and collaboration, as well as Productivity. Our curriculum delivers clear progression of skills from Early Years Foundation Stage, Year 1 through to year 6.


Whole-school overview


For an overview of the creative content in Computing for the whole school, please click below.


EYFS Coverage


For a breakdown of the Computing curriculum coverage in EYFS, please click below.




The school's e-Safety policy is available below. For further information about the delivery of e-Safety through Computing lessons, please click below.