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At Portfields Primary School we believe that all children should be able to communicate, express their creative thinking and reasoning skills through computing. We encourage all pupils to develop an appreciation for technology and to better their understanding of how to utilise technology in a productive and safe way. Pupils at Portfields Primary School are provided the opportunity to access a variety of computing equipment, from tablets to a full computing suite, to apply in their learning across the curriculum. At Portfields Primary School we believe that an enriched computing curriculum is crucial for our pupils as it allows them to become independent learners, to use their initiative and to learn how to make informed judgements.



A Portfields child will:

  • Develop various skills such as analytical reasoning, problem solving and creative thinking;
  • Utilise their analytical reasoning and creative thinking to develop an informed understanding of the changing world around them;
  • Have an understanding of their online presence and how to keep themselves safe;
  • Begin to develop programmes, systems and create a range of content;
  • Be confident, fluent and accurate in accessing online resources.








Pupils in EYFS are introduced to ICT through operating simple machinery such as Tablets, Beebots, remotes and cameras. It is in EYFS that pupils are taught the basics on how to retrieve information and begin to learn about their safety on the online world. In addition, pupils in EYFS are encouraged to participate in team working projects that involve building simple structures to develop their STEM skills.



As the children progress into KS1 they are taught to recognise parts of a computer and how to operate one. Moreover, KS1 pupils are then introduced to the purposes of different programmes, such as spreadsheets, through the application of Teach Computing curriculum. The pupils are encouraged to utilise their logical thinking through implementing coding, debugging and algorithms as they build their own mazes and animated stories.



As the pupils transition into KS2, their previous learning of computing is built upon as ‘Teach Computing’ allows for the pupils to access and revise their previous creations. In KS2 children start to explore how to create, develop and understand a data base. Furthermore, KS2 investigates how a program is written and being able to identify problems that may occur in programs and providing a solution. The children also explore the accuracy of algorithms and how to control an algorithm so that it can function efficiently. Each year, every child is taught about online-safety to ensure that the children at Portfields Primary School have an understanding of their online presence and how to keep themselves safe. This encompasses subjects such as keeping personal information private, what is cyber bullying and how to address it, and being able to identify suitable websites.